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Mackenzie Lobby Havey

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Mackenzie Lobby Havey is a freelance journalist contributing to, Outside Online, Runner's World,, Triathlete, Men's Health, SELF, Women's Running & the like

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Ultimate direction sj ultra vest article

Your Guide to Winter Running Gear | ACTIVE

Your Guide to Winter Running Gear | ACTIVE

Saucony velocity short sleeve article

Top Winter 2015 Women's Running Apparel | ACTIVE

Top Winter 2015 Women's Running Apparel | ACTIVE

887853 marathon des sables article

10 Toughest Ultra Marathons Around the Globe

Not for the faint of heart, the Marathon des Sables is held in the Moroccan Sahara and takes runners on a six-day, 155-mile expedition stage race. Known as "the toughest footrace on earth," competi......

Running shoe article

To Rotate or Not to Rotate Your Running Shoes

Should you have more than one pair of kicks on hand?

Runner start line article

Top 2014 Turkey Day Races | ACTIVE

Top 2014 Turkey Day Races | ACTIVE

180s quantumcool active sports arm sleeves article

Sun Protection Products for Runners

Beat the sun and protect your skin from harmful rays with these sun protection products....

Side plank trx article

Trunk Stabilization: The New Method of Core Training for Runners ...

Trunk Stabilization: The New Method of Core Trainin...

Ironman overtraining 460 article

How to Avoid Overtraining and Overuse Injuries

New research finds that overuse injuries far outweigh acute ailments or illness in iron-distance triathletes. Learn how to alter your training so you don't get sidelined....

Running shorts 460 article

How to Prevent Blisters and Chafing When Running

Blisters can spell disaster on race day even if you've done everything else right. From mild discomfort to a shoe soaked in blood, learn how to avoid this common annoyance....

Half marathon training article

5K Training Tips | 5K Running Articles

Take on a 5K run with our ultimate 5K training guide. Sign up for a 5K, find 5K training tips, and learn more about this popular race distance....

Marathon runners legs article

The Secret of Marathon Pacing

Run a better marathon by learning how to pace correctly....

Red carpet article

Biggest Running Icons of All Time

These influential running icons have paved the way for you to run (and one even put shoes on your feet!)....

Myofascial release article

Therapies to Help You Get Past Your Nagging Injuries

Injured? Try these alternative therapies and return to running as quickly as possible....

Track sprinting article

Sprint Interval Training for New Runners

Are you a new runner looking to get faster? Learn how with sprint interval workouts....

Trail runner article

Running Into the Woods: Strength Training for Trail Runners

Trail running requires strength that you don't get from other types of running. Do these strength workouts to ace the trails....