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Mackenzie Lobby Havey is a freelance journalist contributing to, Outside Online, Runner's World,, Triathlete, Men's Health, SELF, Women's Running & the like

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Hill repeats 800x450 article

Why Hill Repeats Make You a Better Runner |

Why Hill Repeats Make You a Better Runner | Competi...

1404 jdb tri 1102 630x421 article

Strengthening The Transverse Plane For Running -

Strengthening The Transverse Plane For Running - Co...

Destination san antonio 800x449 article

San Antonio, Texas: A Big City That Embraces Running - Competitor ...

San Antonio, Texas: A Big City That Embraces Runnin...

Anderson gabriellepc baamile13 article

Gabriele Anderson Continues Beating The Odds -

Minnesota runner ready for this week's U.S. Track & Field Championships....

Running dog article

Top Tips For Running With Your Dog -

Take the proper precautions before logging miles with your four-legged training partner....

Legbounds 574x421 article

Six Plyometric Exercises For Runners -

For faster times with fewer miles, try incorporating plyometrics into your training....

Shutterstock 180151181 article

Train Your Body To Fuel Efficiently With Fasting Runs -

By training the body to better use its fat stores, you'll become a more efficient runner....

Injured runner article

Injury Prevention Is An ART -

Active Release Technique, a movement-based treatment for the soft tissue injuries, is a very popular treatment option for endurance athletes....

Img 4615 article

Running 101: How To Select The Best Pair Of Running Shoes - Page 2 of 3 -

Whether you’re an Olympic athlete or a periodic pavement pounder, happy feet can make all the difference....

Roger frisch article

Violinist Runs Toward New Goals After Brain Surgery -

Roger Frisch had two electrodes implanted into his brain to combat a condition that caused tremors....

Shutterstock 152803550 article

3 Track Workouts For Beginners - Page 4 of 4 -

Add these bread-and-butter interval workouts to your running repertoire to boost speed and endurance....

1404 jdb tri 1123 631x421 article

Strengthening The Transverse Plane For Running - Page 2 of 4 -

Run more efficiently by focusing on your transverse plane....

4383620316 f0d74ecb4b article

Making The Case For The Pre-Race Yawn -

Yawning may provide a competitive advantage, as it stimulates the precuneus, a structure in the brain that affects consciousness & attentional focus....

Bounding article

Power Boost: Plyometrics For Runners - Page 5 of 7 -

Adding plyometrics to your training regimen will build muscle, which equates to more speed and power....

Paleo food article

Is the Paleo Diet Good for Runners? -

The Paleo Diet is praised for its benefits, but how helpful is it for endurance athletes?...